Courage to ask

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Wanting to affirm my commitment to blog more, I signed on to participate in a blog tour.  I had to request that three of my Facebook friends join in the blog tour.  Usually I don’t like to “bother” people because we are all so busy I hesitate to “put” another to-do on someones plate.  (Now we can talk about how co-dependent that is but it’s an entirely different story.) Well to my delight six friends responded immediately and said they were in…wow…and several more people responded and said they would like to do it but they were over-committed.

Today I was on a call with Jeanna Gabelllini…a very cool business coach…and she was talking about the very same thing.  She is launching a training and called on six of her coaching and marketing friends to sweeten her bonus pot and invited them to give free gifts to her people that sign up for the training.  She had the same hesitation I just spoke about and also to her surprise all six people said they would gladly give free bonus gifts to her prospective peeps.

Do you ever feel like you don’t want to ask for favors?  Women are notorious for not asking for what we want and need.  I invite all of us to stretch a bit and ask for favors…ask for what we need.  We might be surprised at who shows up…happily…to meet our needs.

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  1. Kelli May-Krenz

    Courage to ask. I do believe we know what matters so very deep to us. If it is important enough we ask. There is always a lovely knowing in who comes to our table and is present for us. This is a most lovely post. Your blog, your talents, your shine is special in my life. Grateful to be on this journey with artists like you.

    • AdminE

      Thank you for your wonderful sentiment…you are a joy and I feel really blessed our life’s journeys collided…you have a special magic…hugs and big love

  2. Donna Harmony-Jones

    I have grown by leaps and bounds in thie area of asking. I have much more giving/receiving balance in my life now.

    • AdminE

      That is wonderful Donna…it’s so easy for a lot of women to give but the giving/receiving balance is essential…thanks for sharing.


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