Are You Ready to:

Peel back the layers of your socialized self and awaken to your rich, inner landscape?

7 Mindfulness Shifts to Gain Distance from Negative Thoughts

Then let me share the wisdom, tools, and roadmap to light your soul’s path as you cultivate a rich inner life

You’ve spent your energy on the demands of a full life, cultivating a career, growing a family and a bank account

You’re ready to shed the old stories that weigh you down, the distracting patterns that derail your greatest intensions and the wild ride on the emotional rollercoaster that leaves you feeling drained and ungrounded.

You’re ready to become mentally and spiritually fit… ready to take a deep dive into nurturing a creative, joyful life in touch with your spiritual essence…a life with more ease and purpose.

So let’s lighten up together. I will teach you to gain the wisdom to embark on a spiritual awakening journey with curiosity, an open heart and a sense of humor.

Upcoming Classes

For the last 40 years I have woven spirituality, psychology and art into the fabric of my life. The classes I offer are a tapestry of these disciplines, crafted to reveal your rich, inner landscape.

Roadmap to Ease – Release What Weighs You Down – Embrace What Lights You Up

This 12-week course is based on teachings from my book, Roadmap to Ease – Release What Weighs Your Down – Embrace What Lights You Up. You will learn to pull back the veil on the workings of our subconscious mind, so you understand why you end up wrestling with the same patterns, get stumped by the same stories and are unable to move in the direction that lights up your soul. You’ll identify the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that weigh you down and release them. I will teach you how to become the “watchful observer” of your life which will liberate your mind and release the creative energy that is your birthright. Living in the past and projecting into the future will lose its constant pull. You’ll identify your soul’s desires and be equipped with the wisdom, tools and roadmap to illuminate your soul’s path, leading to happiness, ease and awakening in the present moment.

Is an Arts and Crafts Business for you?

This self-paced class will help you decreed what your true north is for your business, the “why” that drives your soul’s desire.

You’ll learn what it entails to do art for passion or profit, or a little of both. Often, we choose the profit road and feel like we’ve left our creative juju behind.

This course covers what running an art business involves and explains the many hats you must wear. Topics covered include traveling the art show circuit, how to present your artwork, working with art galleries and art cooperatives, owning an art gallery, navigating a wholesale business, art licensing, copyright issues and much more.

Speaking and Workshop Topics

I speak and conduct workshops on the following topics:

  • Don’t Believe Everything You Think
  • Roadmap to Ease
  • Grow Your Happy Life by Avoidin Sufferings Pitfalls
  • 6 Steps to AWAKEN
  • How Almost Dying Taught Me How to Live

The participant will take home daily practices to release what weighs them down and embrace what lights them up. They will understand what is meant by ‘pain is inevitable, suffering is optional’. Tools to use on the awakening journey will be provided. Practicing these tools in daily life leads to more ease and happiness.

My Soul Speaks Card Deck

You will create your own tarot-like deck and I will teach you several techniques to make as many beautiful card decks as you wish. We’ll do exercises to evoke the deep whisper in your heart and spirit what wants to be manifest. Your Soul Speaks Deck will be home for the saying that emerge.

Work with Me Privately

Are you ready to shed the things that no longer serve you and embrace the things that feed your soul and sculpt your life’s purpose? If so, I’d love to work with you. For one-on-one coaching, please click the button link to set up your free 30-minute conversation.

e’Layne listened…truly listened. Using what can only be expressed as a keen intuitive sense, she drew out my fundamental truths. What’s more, she believed in me until I took the first step toward believing in myself.

– Wonshe

With e’Layne’s coaching, I turned my life around. She taught me how to view life from a new perspective! My anger issues are completely gone. Every aspect of my life changed thanks to e’Layne.

– Summer Cider

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7 Mindfulness Shifts to Gain Distance from Negative Thoughts

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