Release What Weighs You Down

Embrace What Lights You Up

7 Steps to Gain Distance from Negative Thoughts

What I believe

I believe we are born co-creators of our life’s journey, collaborating with the same energy that created the universe.

I believe minds can be punishing and we can gain distance from thoughts to grow in happiness and mindfulness.

I believe perfection is a faulted theory and that life is muddy and messy and perfect.

I believe we are closest to our eternal self when we are still.

And I know we only have ONE time to live this life and that is Now.

Hi, I’m e’Layne

To become an author, artist and mind liberator, I first had to liberate myself from the voice in my head telling me I wasn’t good, talented or brave enough to craft a creative, soulful life. I became the watchful observer.

During my early twenties, in my quest to find freedom and happiness, I learned that the search to awaken our soulful selves is a lifetime practice. I also learned that our inner world is made up of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that dictate our reactions to our outer world.

So the road to happiness and peace isn’t found in the outer world, not in what we accumulate, nor our current life situations, circumstances or our physical reality because these things are ever-changing, as are our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

The work of connecting these two worlds is achieved by watching our reactions to daily life situations. The information we glean becomes our guiding light, illuminating all that doesn’t serve our highest good.

My mission is to help you cultivate a rich, inner life, as I share with you the ageless wisdom, roadmap and tools to release what weighs you down and embrace what lights you up.

Roadmap to Ease

Release What Weighs You Down

Embrace What Lights You Up

A teaching memoir illuminating the journey to your awakened life

Follow my Roadmap to Ease with me

I teach you to gain distance from your thoughts so they no longer control you and help you release what weighs you down and embrace what lights you up.

Ask Yourself…

Are you ready to have more ease in your body, have a quieter mind and have a smile on your face for no particular reason?

Are you on an endless diet cycle?

Are you tired of beating yourself up for not reaching your goals, restless, unfocused, and trying to do ten things at once?

Does true happiness evade you?

Most people believe simply exerting willpower to change their outer life will help them achieve weight loss, more focus or be less restless, ultimately leading to true happiness. Actually, when we exert our willpower to change behaviors, we can create a cycle of unresolved inner conflict.

True happiness is found when we peel back the layers of our socialized selves, awakening to the rich, spiritual essence of our infinite being

The Mission

Share wisdom, tools and the roadmap to move beyond self-limiting thoughts and beliefs by illuminating your soul’s path, leading to happiness, ease and awakening.

The Vision

Make the world more peaceful by teaching people to alleviate suffering’s pitfalls so they fully embrace life in the present moment.

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7 Steps to Gain Distance from Negative Thoughts

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