Beach Realizations…Co-Creating the Present Moment


I have a date with the sunset several times a week for a long beach walk.  Tonight…in the bright light of the waning sun…I stopped to collect shells.  Two women approached engaged in conversation.  They saw me pocketing natures treasures and their eyes scanned the shell pile and they started collecting shells.  I walked down the beach and turned back around to see if they were still collecting shells.  They were…and another woman had joined the collection process.

I may be wrong but I do believe if I hadn’t been collecting shells the two women would have walked pass the shell pile…and the woman that joined them would have, too.   I was thinking about so many ways we get to experience more of life because other people bring us out of our thoughts and into the present moment.  While I was thinking about this concept and the desire to write this blog post…I saw a couple facing the Gulf in the opposite direction of the setting sun and there was also a woman ten feet from the couple looking in the same direction.  From a life of beach walking I knew what this meant…they saw dolphins and were awaiting the next sighting….and because of these strangers actions I stopped walking and scanned the water for dolphins.

And so we are part of this human wave…where even our simplest actions like shell collecting influence the actions of others…even complete strangers…and together we are always co-creating the present moment.

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  1. Corinne

    Nice posting. I’m glad you committed publicly to writing a weekly blog. I’ve had a blog for a year, my daughter gave it to me last year for Mother’s Day, but I only managed to write 4 postings in a year. I think you have motivated me a bit. Are you going to Atlanta? I am a fellow UYB participant.

    • AdminE

      Thanks so much Corinnne!!! I am going to Atlanta…are you? I know the importance of blogging and I love to write…but I write so many blog posts in my head and don’t sit down and write them here…lol…I love Uplevel Your Business because we do offer each other so much support and motivate one another.

  2. Cindy

    Elayne, this is a beautiful post. You have such a beautiful spirit. It is so true, “the wave” we create. Thanks for reminding me of that. <3

    • AdminE

      Thank you so much Cindy…love the message on your website…”getting rid of the weeds”…and the name of your business is great…thanks for touching base and for your kind words.


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