Collage Life Lessons Wednesday – Week 8

Well I lost about a month of Wednesdays…but I’m back…yes…it’s Sunday but I started this art piece Wednesday…does that count?  The month was filled with magic….teaching and hosting workshops and retreats.  I was feeling really tender Wednesday when I started this piece.  My mom took a fall and with her Alzheimer’s it makes everything a bit more challenging.  Life is always full of change and my life the past couple of years has certainly been that…mostly in really wonderful ways…peppered with a few bumps.  And also with change fear can creep in and a bit of uncertainty.  My lesson is to just get out of my head…we can never figure all of life out and we will never have all the answers…ever.  So following passion seems to be my guiding light…my beacon when times are a bit dark.  Art keeps me in the moment, calms my mind and feeds my soul.  It makes me feel whole and it reminds me of all the blessings life has to offer.  This piece is called Life is Fragile.

IMG_8791I love snapping a picture and turning it into art…

IMG_8793All glued down and ready to tone it done a bit


Starting to white out background

IMG_8824-1Yes, Life is Fragile…and so are our hearts…we must handle them with love and care. xxoxoxo, e’Layne


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  1. cheryl dossey

    What a beautiful piece e”Layne. Love it!

  2. Summer Cider

    How wonderful!! Expresses so very much! Love it!!

  3. AdminE

    Thank you so much!!! Aimee owns it….how sweet is that.

  4. deb taylor

    I want to come play with you

    • AdminE

      Would love you to!!! Will be doing several workshops in Feb at Whimzeyland in Safety Harbor..check out how over the top spectacular this place is!!! …and I’ll always come your way if there is a tribe gathered…have tribe…will….LOVE your blog…and your mailbox…and your stones…your just so darn cool and colorful!! xoxoxo


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