The Opening of Tribe Wild Women Art Centre – Part 2

Saturday everyone busily worked on their Tribe Wild Women Memory Keepers.  We weaved words into the Memory Keepers that reminded us of qualities we want to bring into our lives.

We enjoyed lunch outside…the air was a bit crisp and the Gulf breezes and good company feed our souls!!

We were suppose to go back to my house for a barbeque dinner but Lynn and Kiaralinda thought it would be great to go to St Pete’s Second Saturday Gallery Hop.  It was so cool how we all changed our plans on a dime….effortlessly….and decided to meet at Duncan McClellan Glass Studio

It was a magical evening.  Duncan has build a glass compound in downtown St Pete.  He has a huge hot shop, a stellar gallery and the space is also home to Duncan and his new adorable wife.  Lynn and Kiaralinda did shows for years with Duncan so our class had the pleasure of meeting him.  If you are ever in St Pete be sure to check out Duncan’s studio…it’s awesome!!!

After our blissful evening at Duncan’s we all went to The Taco Bus and ended our evening with full hearts and bellies.  One more day to go…I’ll do part 3 tomorrow….nite nite.

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  1. Elise

    Hi Elayne,
    I love all of your artwork, and appreciate your life’s journey. The workshops you do look incredible!
    Take care,

    • AdminE

      Thank you so much Elise!!! I love your work…I bet your studio is just awesome…ah, the art of collecting. We both start our bio about working with our hands at age four…that’s where all the juice is…our childhood innocence and wonder and what a blessing we can still access that energy….many blessings and thanks for connecting.


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