The Opening of Tribe Wild Women – Part 3 – Last Day but Just the Beginning

It’s been more than a month since our workshop and I count my blessing daily that these beautiful women have remained in my life.  We are all so enriched from our time together.  On Sunday, our last day of the workshop, we were glowing from our outing to Duncan McClellan’s Glass Studio the night before.   It was another beautiful day in paradise in the shadow of the Don Cesar.  We diligently  worked on our Tribe Wild Women Memory Keepers.  The intention of the Memory Keepers is to adorn them with words and symbols that bring to light the qualities we want to manifest in our lives.  When we hang them in our homes we forever inspired to follow our dreams.

By the last day everyone’s pieces were coming together beautifully.  The experience was profound and that became evident as we had a show and tell wrap up.  So much heart, soul and emotion were poured into everyone’s piece.  One by one women shared their experience of making their Memory Keeper and spoke about the story the process of making her revealed.  A range of emotion filled the room…the most evident feeling in the room…LOVE

After our wrap up Summer pulled out a bag of wild and wacky sunglasses…we distributed them and went outside to take group pictures.  Everyone helped clean up the room as we talked about making our get together an annual event.  Hugs and love abounded and lifelong connections were make…in fact everyday since our workshop we all IM during the day.  We’ve had several reunions and for those who can’t be at each reunion we take lots of photos and share them!!!  Next month we’re having a reunion at Lynnie’s studio in Winter Park.  The story of Tribe Wild Women is a never ending love story!!!










IMG_8602-11385604_1020328_1190760217_n1382413_10172_119978528_nIMG_8568Forever grateful to have taught this awesomely fabulous workshop with precious Lynn Whipple!!!
and forever in love with our tribe!!!


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