Collage Life Lessons Wednesday – Week 4

Well it’s Friday…I had to travel and didn’t get back until Wednesday thus the delay…life happens…lol.   First I played around with some Gelli prints…tried them on parchment paper and wasn’t wowed.  I was tired and not feeling the creative juices flowing.   I made five prints and was going into the house to play around with them when my eye caught a sheet of flowers…popped out the flowers and it left a very cool stencil….back to making two more Gelli prints.  I was happy with them and started playing around with a bunch of my photos…cutting out random shapes and arranging them on the print.  What did I learn…I’m really bad about gluing things down and finishing them.  And with a camera and digital magic I don’t have to…just snap the photo and play with it in…no gluing required…and I’ve never just started cutting my photos apart and had a blast doing it…so  didn’t learn anything profound but certainly had fun!!! and FUN matters.


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