Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday – Week 3

Don’t they say if you do something for 3 weeks it’s a habit…does doing something once a week for three weeks constitute a habit…I sure hope so.  What did I learn this week…well…I knew when I started this commitment I’d be leaving tomorrow for Tallahassee.  I started projecting all the things I had to do and wondering how I’d get it all done.  Stay in the moment e’Layne!!! Quit jumping ahead and projecting…stop it.  Cause you know what…in actuality it wasn’t anxiety producing.  Even though I had tons of things to do today I looked forward to coming home and working on art.  And it was effortless.  I let it be easy…took two backgrounds I made from last week’s lesson and created two pieces I love.  I use to do Trager body work and a big lesson in Trager is to always ask, “What could be easier”?  What can always be easier is to….stay in the moment!!!  Needs to be my mantra.  I think the name of this piece needs to be…yes, you guess it….


Stay in the Moment


Going to Find My Joy

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