Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday – Week 2

So it’s my second week of Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday.  As Wednesday approached I found myself excited that I was making art time…no matter what.  I decided to play with my Gelli plate that has been in it’s original box since I purchased it months ago for a class with Dina Wakley.  I started out doing a few prints with deep colors and very square designs and quickly found out that wasn’t reflective of my mood.  Subtle light blues and greens with circles and lace were my choices de jour.

And what did I learn…it’s great to set a goal for studio time.  My “plan” doesn’t have to be grand, I don’t need a huge chunk of time and I don’t have to create masterpieces.  Just to play is enough…no preconceived ideas, no judgment and no goals other than get my butt into the studio.  Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday spilled into Thursday because I was having so much fun.  And other thing…I’ve fallen in love with my Gelli plate…so much so I want an even bigger one.  After I scanned my images I pulled them into and had even more fun.  Happy, happy…joy, joy!!! Thanks for visiting.

The Grand Finale


The Beginnings

After Picmonkey and Collage



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