Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday – Week 1

What is Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday and what is the motivation behind it?  I’ll start with my motivation.   Recently I was thinking of people whose art I admire and that have a work ethic I really respect.  I love that Donna Downey, does Inspirational Wednesday and shares her brilliance with so many people.  Randel Plowman does A Collage a Day which he launched in March 2006 and Tracy Vergedo  challenges herself to blog for 30 days and writes blog posts like 30 Days of Gratitude.  Jane Spakowsky, aka Gritty Jane, does a series of paintings in 20 minutes when she wants to spark creativity.  This week I was lucky enough to get one of her beautiful original angels from that series.

The qualities these artists have in common are focus, consistency and determination.  Since I truly believe we all learn and grow by modeling people and behaviors we admire I’ve decided to embark on committing to getting my butt in the studio and make art with the intention of sharing lessons learned.  I ponder a lot while I create as I imagine we all do.  My background in psychology spills over into my art and inevitably when I work a light bulb goes off and I learn a poignant life lesson.  And so Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday is born.   Here are the pieces from my first paint session…thanks for visiting.

I started with re-purposed boards…work that was messed up in production.  Instead of pitching the boards I decided to reuse them.  Here are pictures of work in process….


And here are the finished pieces

IMG_8253-1Take Flight

IMG_8252-1Don’t Look Back

IMG_8247-1Now is the Time

IMG_8251-1Make Art

Thanks for visiting…Do you have any lessons that have come to you in the process of making art that you want to share? Oh, please do!!

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  1. Amy Cavaness

    Love those pieces! And I look forward to more of your ponderings on the creative process. One thing that keeps coming up for me lately is that so many people get blocked by fear: what if it doesn’t turn out, what if I make a mistake, etc. I’ve realized that I have experienced a big boost in my self-confidence with regard to my ability to FIX mistakes. I’m doing commissioned memory quilts and mistakes with others’ treasures could be disastrous but I’ve come to TRUST myself and my abilities to just move forward knowing that I can always do something to “fix” what hasn’t really come out the way I’d planned. I work by improvisation anyway and a “fix” is just another step in the creative process. I know my medium, I know lots of techniques, so trusting myself and the process is key!

    • AdminE

      what great insight…and learning to trust ourselves is big…I know some of my happy surprises have been “mistakes”…it has been so fun watching you stretch in so many amazing ways since we began our class…sure appreciate you…your wisdom and your insight!!! xxxooo


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