Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday – Week 5

Life is full as always.  Much of my life has been spent fixing up homes and galleries…painting, decorating and attempting to organize.  And I feel like I’ve been attempting to organize much of my life.  Before marriage and a child I lived rather sparely.  As I look back at that time there was clearly one very large difference…I wasn’t a full time artist.  And so my life of disorganization began.  I made a huge…HUGE….mistake about 23 years ago.  In an attempt to have a spacious house…I build my home without many closets.  It’s not easy to get organized without places to put stuff.  I remember two decades ago writing on my studio wall, “what is beyond this disorganization”.  I have glimmers of what it is…unbridled creativity and freedom from stuff…caring for stuff, looking for stuff, tripping over stuff.  And I do know stuff isn’t precious…time is precious…friends and family are precious…health is precious.

I’ve recently had to move my mom into assisted living and have moved into her home (more painting and decorating).  In doing this I’ve packed up my entire studio to move it from Tallahassee to St. Pete Beach.  The move has made me look at everything I own and make decisions to keep it, donate it or pitch it.  This weeks Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday (CLLW) came to me as I was looking at how many pieces of art I’ve started and haven’t finished….amazing!!  Now I’m not beating myself up about it because I actually do complete a lot of artwork and tasks that I begin.  BUT I start soooooo many projects…and so my life lesson this week and for future CLLW’s is to pull out the work that I’ve begun…work that has a story to tell and art that doesn’t want to live in a paper bag or a drawer…work that wants a new home.  The other thing I’ve done is made copies of all my art to sell and I’ve kept originals.  And so I need to complete my dormant art projects and get them out into the world…maybe on one of the Etsy sites I’ve started and haven’t kept up with!!!  Wasn’t my word for this year FOCUS…oh, well…we are always learning…lol.

IMG_8387-2Longing to be finished

IMG_8388-1thanks for visiting

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  1. Ginny Barney

    ELayne, I am a best friend of Lois Summer Cider and I am trying to find one of your posts where you leave sayings, thoughts, etc. I believe it is about your wisdom tribe. I would very much like to join this tribe/group. Can you direct me in the right direction? Thank you. Also, you did a video on a cover of your journal and it was gorgeous. Lois said I could save it to watch again. I’m not sure how to do that. Do you know what she is talking about? Can’t wait to see more of your demos.


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