Collage Life Lessons Wednesday – Week 6

Well last week my revelation was that I didn’t need to start new art…I needed to complete the work longing to be finished and given a new home…it deserves to come out of  paper bags and drawers.   My intention was to work on unfinished art this week but I am teaching a class in a couple of weeks and want to make goody bags for all the participants…so decorating the goody bags became my Wednesday project.  I thought I would just put on a few pieces of paper and stamp them…well they got more elaborate than I expected.  It affirmed my desire to give value added to everything I do.  And I realize I need to give just the right amount of added value.  What I mean by this is I’m realizing my tendency to keep adding “more”…for example when teaching I want to teach EVERY technique I know…and that just overwhelms people.  So I think my lesson this week is to pace myself…more isn’t always better…just another reminder to keep things simpler…sweet…and simple.

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