Ask Yourself this Question…Do you want more EASE in your life ?

Hello Beautiful People,

Do you want more ease in your life? Who doesn’t! We’re living in a time in history when there are more things to buy, more emails to read and respond to, more choices to make and seemingly less time to do all the things we want and need to do.

Most of you know I have been working on my first book for several years. It’s gone through lots of edits and several names. I finally settled on Roadmap to Ease – Release What Weighs You Down – Embrace What Lights You Up. As of today, the release date is July 24, 2024. My only son was born on that day. Also, when many authors are writing their book, they refer to it as their book baby. Since July 24 was my birthday, it’s a perfect day to give birth to my book baby, too.

If you’d like to be part of my launch team, which means you’d receive a copy of my book in PDF form for feedback, get the book on day 1 of launch for 99 cents…and you’d leave a review on day one of the launch, so hopefully, I’ll get to #1 Amazon Best Seller, email me at I would love your involvement (which is a minimal time investment) and support. So many of you have always been my biggest cheerleaders, and I thank you so much for that!!!

Back to EASE…To have more ease in life, we need to observe our daily behaviors and feelings and acknowledge the things that cause us stress…then we do simple shifts and practices to make lasting change. Here are THREE mindful things to do to have more EASE in your life.

  • Breathe – Most of the day, we are not aware of our breath because we breathe automatically. A huge step in becoming more mindful, peaceful, and happier is to become aware of our breath. I use the mantra, “First, I breathe.” When your thoughts are causing you anxiety, or you’re feeling stressed out, remember…First, I breathe. Breathe into the tight places in your body, relaxing your jaw and shoulders. Let your breath wash over your body. If you prioritize this practice, you will find your life more rhythmic and feel relaxed instead of anxious.
  • Identify Sources of Stress and Alleviate Them—What are your anxiety triggers? They could be that certain people aren’t treating you well, you might have health concerns, or you might lack a sense of purpose. Think of one loving gesture you can do for yourself to alleviate stress. For example, you might want to hang out with a person with whom you have mutual respect. Change the things in life that you can change.
  • Accept the Things You Can’t Change – This is a game changer in our daily life. When we become aware of all the times a day we “wrestle” with what has already happened, and we want the outcome to be different, we create unnecessary suffering. As you release the things you can’t change, you’ll find EASE waiting patiently to envelop you in peace.

In the next newsletter, I’ll send a picture of a celebrity who received one of my art plaques as a gift. Remember the photo I took in Laguna Beach, CA, and called The Angel Story? If not, I’ll share that, too.

Big LOVE, Many blessings and all good things,

Author, Artist, Mind Liberator

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