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I have written tons of blog posts in my head but getting word to paper has been a different story.  The better part of a year was spent on re-branding….we had so much going on in our business…The Angel Story, How to Be a Wild Woman, 3 Hip Chics and needed to put everything under one roof so to speak.  How did it all shake down…well the umbrella business is Art by E’Layne and 3 Hip Chics is the production wing of Art by E’Layne.  Everything is now under www.ArtbyElayne.com.  Getting the website built was very challenging and I learned way more than I ever wanted to about web design and other technical matters…Elgin Designs did a wonderful job and I’m grateful for his expertise and amazing design sensibilities.

One house keeping matter – I had to change from Constant Contact email management to Aweber…many people got dropped off the newsletter list so if you don’t get a newsletter…or want to get them… just sign up on the top right of the website and the elves in cyberspace that work 24-7 will get you hooked up on the proper list.  It will keep you updated with our show schedule, classes and fun happenings.

Goal setting…I set a goal that I had no control over…to get published ten times in Somerset Studios…I made that goal two years ago and am out of my skin excited to have just been published for the tenth time.  Well, I guess I did have some control because I made art and sent it to them.  I adore Stampington and am eternally grateful for the opportunities they offer to me and to so many artists and crafters all over the world…they produce over 30 publications of which Somerset Studios is one.  You can find them at your local book store, Micheal’s, JoAnn’s or your local scrapbook store.  All their publications are listed and sold on www.stampington.com….pure eye candy and a wealth of information on making mixed media art and fabric crafts.

We are getting ready to close the shop for the month of August and head up north.  Lora is crazy busy filling orders and Nena (our Collie and the third Hip Chic) is bored with the Florida heat and clouds of mosquitoes…I’ll save the vacation details for the next blog post…

p e a c e – l o v e


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  1. becky voth

    I just recently saw your work published in the recent issue of Studios & really enjoyed it! Your work is beautiful! I too have a goal to get published in a Somerset publication & I wondered if you always send in your actual work or if you send in pictures? (your windows were so large, I couldn’t imagine how much that cost you if you shipped it to them!!) Would you mind sharing some tips about getting published with me?

    • elaynek

      Hi Becky…Thank you so much…I adore Somerset Studios and all of Stampington publications…everyone there is fantastic to work with…oh, yes…send them your work…I always send my original art with enough money for them to send it back to me…they handle it so gently…I’ve sent over 60 pieces and everything has returned in perfect condition…one tip I’d suggest is to read the call for submissions and send things in according to their theme…they also love cards which costs very little to send..good luck Becky!!!


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