Sante Fe Rocks

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Oh, my poor neglected blog…actually blogs…I have been all up in my head about a major redo of my websites and blogs…I have hired a company to do everything and it’s painfully slow going…and also I’m taking four online classes…they are all wonderful…and that’s fuel for another blog post…I just want to share some pictures of our beautiful trip to Santa Fe…I think I photographed EVERY door in Santa Fe….and sure ate in lots of delicious restaurants….our wonderful hostess…Teresa (my partner in Wild Women Gallery) kept us hopping every minute…so many galleries…so many progressive dinners…so much fun!!! It was one of those vacations where you are gone a week but feel like you were away a month…love it….my favorite part was hiking Tent Rock…although I had a “heat” attack and didn’t know if I’d make it off that mountain….but thankfully did..the critters are happy we are home and demanding to be fed…must go serve up their dinner…

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