Grateful for the Gift of YOU

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I’ve been in the art biz for over 25 years. I was always willing to share what I know with other artists but I was afraid to get my work too far out in the world because I have had my art copied many times and it didn’t feel good. When the web came into being I was afraid to get a website because it felt really vulnerable to be in cyberspace…I realized several years ago that the mindset of “being afraid” was not good…it was not really the way I lived my life and it certainly wasn’t what my art was about….I stepped past my fear and jumped into cyberspace and only wish I had done it years prior….Facebook has been a great joy… I love…LOVE….the openness of the artist community….the sharing and the cheer leading we do for each other is so amazing. We celebrate each others successes and share our challenges…so many people that haven’t met each other but truly care for one another….I posted the above picture on facebook and received so many “likes” and comments it warmed my heart in a big way….I want to say a sincere thank you to all of you…I am so grateful for the gift of YOU….big hugs and all good things, e’layne
and a p.s….so grateful for the gift of Somerset, too….I have art and articles in Somerset Studio and Somerset Apprentice this month…the March/April issues…doing the happy dance 🙂

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