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This is published in the March/April 2015 Somerset Studio…my mom is the babe on the right.

How hard can it be to keep up a blog.  Apparently for me it’s difficult!!!  It’s been forever since I’ve made an entry.  The end of last year was certainly emotionally rough.  Lora and I did had a beautiful trip to Maine.  I have a cottage that has been in my family for over 60 years.  Right before we left for our long sojourn north  I had to put down my beautiful Collie girl, Nena.  She was 14 and many of you know her as the third Hip Chics.  Our cats made the long ride with us, Mr. Danny and Ms. Lucy, and had a blast at the cottage.  When we got home from Maine I had to put Mr. Danny down.  He lived 19 long and colorful years.  Lucy and Danny had been inseparable for 16 years so Lucy was crying and totally lost with Danny for a couple of months, as was I.  My mom started a steep decline in November and passed away right after Thanksgiving.  I’m still tender-hearted from all the loss but life goes on in wild and wonderful ways…some days with more tears than others.

This new year has brought with it lots of excitement.  Lora and I bought a beautiful waterfront condo.  It has a huge studio overlooking mangroves with tons of nesting birds.  Also very exciting…the amazing talented and beautiful Lynn Whipple, Kelli Mae-Krenz and I all got into the Fresh section of The National Stationary Show in NYC in May.  So in the next two months I get to birth a new card and small gift line, Choose Good Thoughts.  It always tickles my soul to be published in Somerset Studios and this year I’ve had two articles published, one in the January/February issue and one in the March/April issue, on newstands now.  I am currently working on an article for the Somerset Studio Gallery which will be on the newstand June 1.

I’m off to get at least the first card finished!!! My goal is about 100.  I hope you are touched by creativity, magic and whimsey today.  Many blessings and all good things.

2012-7-15fromdroid 063





Miss Nena…aka The Third Hip Chic









Mr. Danny is on the right…with Ms. Lucy


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