Decision…noun…a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.  Do you ever feel the enormity of the word and it’s meaning? Every minute of every day we decide.  We decide when to get out of bed, what to eat, what to wear, what people to socialize with, what car to buy, whether to eat a slice of cake or to eat the entire cake…we decide to marry or not marry, to have children or not, to go to collage or drop out of school.

And there are layers inside of layers in decision making.  We set the alarm and intend to get up at 7:00am.  The alarm goes off and again we decide to get out of bed or push the snooze button.  See why I used the word enormity? This is a big deal.  What is even bigger then deciding how we move through the details of daily life is our constant decisions on how we are going to interact and react to people and events in our life.  So often we react to people based on what we think they are thinking.  That can get us in real trouble.

And with every decision we create our life…our physical surrounding as well as our emotional life.  Life is a blank slate until we pull up a thought or observe one floating through our mind and decide how we will respond to it.  It’s unfathomable how many times a day we are faced with decisions. This is a heady conversation and I think “will” enters into the dance called our life, too.  But that is for another day.

Why all this talk about decision.  The other evening I was dog tired and didn’t feel like leaving the house but knew a beach walk would do my body good.  I decided to go for a beach walk and what a wonderful adventure unfolded.  I came upon a group of about 12 beautiful women all dressed in white.  They didn’t speak much English but asked me to take pictures of them.  Photography is a passion of mine so I delighted in this task.  They showered me with gratitude, hugs and big smiles.

As I walked away I turned around to see them looking at their photos and squealing with joy.  I walked about 50 steps and there was another group of about 12 women all dressed in white.  One women was very pregnant and they were celebrating her motherhood.  I asked if they wanted me to take their picture.  Again, such a glorious moment in time…capturing stunning beauty, womanhood and sisterhood.  And again I got intense eye contact, hugs and they took pictures of me with their tribe.

My decision to get my butt off the couch and to go to the beach created a different path down the winding road of life resulting in tons of pictures, a bunch of memories for lots of different people…magic moments in time…created all from decisions.

How do we make good decisions?  We can ask ourselves…Does the decision nurtures our soul?  Is a decision coming from our gut or do we make a decision based on obligation.  Does the decision make us feel free, feel authentic, feel whole and healthy mentally and physically.  Follow that feeling…follow that road…it will lead to happiness and mastery.



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  1. cheryl dossey

    Great post e’Layne. I think most day to day decisions are totally mindless. For me, that’s a good thing, as I take life decisions very seriously. I love taking risks and trying new things, but it’s always a well thought out and calculated decision.
    I’m happy your decision to walk the beach turned out to be such a wonderful experience. Walking always brings me back to center.
    XO, cheryl

  2. AdminE

    Thank you Cheryl…yes, I was thinking more about decisions today and there are some tasks that are mindless…like driving. We realize driving on the correct said of the road is a good idea on many levels therefore we just do it mindlessly. Yes…walks are wonderful…and beach walks are my all time fav….xoxoxo e’

  3. Karen Lynn

    Wow – two groups of twelve women dressed in white? That sounds like a trend! What a beautiful experience!

  4. Susan

    I love that you heeded your heart … and how sweet the reward. Two groups of women in white? What are the chances? So glad you took the walk. A good reminder for that extra half-second to reconsider a decision.


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