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I just wrote this blog post for the Safety Harbor Art and Music Center… SHAMc…but wanted to share it with you, too….

Yes…this blog is about SHAMc but i must take a minute to speak about Kiaralina and Todd…I’ve lived a lot of places in my life…and many places in community…and know a LOT of brilliant, enlightened, organized and creative people.  It’s not often I’m totally awestruck….meeting Kiaralinda and Todd and the community they have created and the vision they have has completely blown my mind. I will try to put into words why…First, they appear tireless.  Todd and Kiaralinda flow seamlessly from one task to another..graciously…with joy.  They have created a home that is a riot of color and yes, whimzey.  They can be in the middle of a class or musical event at Whimzey and visitors will wander up to behold the spectacular visual feast they call home.  The visitors are welcomed. They meet no strangers. I think that’s what makes Todd and Kiaralinda so special…although they have enormous vision they are not wed to a “plan” that will realized their dreams.  They hold the vision and life draws to them the people and circumstances that manifests their dreams. It’s wonderful to meet the many people who have been so devoted to birthing SHAMc .  The door is open for everyone to be a part of the art and music center.  A group of people show up at Whimzy on Tuesday nights and work on the mosaic panels that will cover the SHAMc building.  It’s a great way to meet people…to be creative and to be a part of the birth of a center that will have a long and joyous life…just like Todd and Kiaralinda!!!!

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