W H O are these 3 Hip Chics???

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The face of 3 Hip Chics has changed…but before I get into that…a little herstory…I founded my art biz, Gypsy In Me, 27 years ago on Maui, Hawaii…selling hand painted tee shirts. Fast forward a decade and a half and Wild Woman Gallery was born in Cedar Key, Florida, with business partners and dear friends, Alba and Teresa. We grew to four locations…when we decided we were too spread out over the state we downsized to simply life…but Wild Women have a way of always changing…always creating something new…so in October, 2007, I took on two business partners, Lora and Julie to share the work load of producing wild women plaques and tiles and we became 3 Hip Chics…( I just love to name businesses so I keep growing them!!!)…Julie recently decided she was still hip…and we certainly agree…but life is taking her in another direction so she left our partnership…(but not our lives..we are all having dinner tonight)…so how do two hip chics keep the name 3 Hip Chics…enter our dog, Nena…she can never take the place of Julie but she is certainly an adorable place holder in our photo ops….and she holds a huge place in our hearts

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