Six pages in Sommerset Studio!!! and the infinite organizing power of the universe

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It was over a year ago at a Tony Robbins seminar that I wrote a list of goals and then mailed them to myself…I still haven’t opened them but my most important “art” goal was to get published in Somerset Studios. When I saw a call for submissions of artwork inspired by fashion it spoke to me. I had just done a photo shoot at Railroad Square Art Park with two super beautifully creative friends…I am in love with photo collage these days and incorporated the photos taken that day with many collage techniques creating seven pieces for submission. As soon as Somerset got my package I received an email from Christen, the Editor-in-Chief, asking me to write an article to go with my artwork….talk about doing the happy dance!!!!! Yesterday the yummy July/August issue hit the book stores. Putting focused energy into achieving this goal has created an amazing few months….in the article I suggested artists read books by Kelly Rae Roberts and Claudine Hellmuth for creative inspiration. Little did I know at that time Kelly Rae would be offering her first class in growing your creative buz…and Claudine did an interview with Kelly for the class…(no…I wasn’t sucking up to the teachers…my article was already written and mailed…LOL…!!!). This class has been totally amazing and moved me to create a facebook business page… and this blog. I have been invited to submit more work to Somerset (can you see me doing the happy dance again) and I am shopping an idea for a book on photo collage…I believe in the infinite organizing power of the universe…I put a little focused energy out into the world to create my goal…and the infinite organizing power of the universe took care of the rest!!!

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  1. Prakash

    wow, that is beautiful I love palniyg with textures and filters too, bit box o’ chocolates, never know what you’re gonna get I particularly love the colours, and the overall fairytale-fantastic atmosphere thank you for sharing!!1


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