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Hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend…I fell off the blog wagon…Kelly Rae’s class was so intense that I think I had to balance all that left brain stuff with and equal dose of right brain activity…actually I jumped right into Claudine’s class and that has been really low key…I haven’t been doing all the tasks in the class but I’ve been incorporating techniques learned in my work and just adore her little videos and style.

Some time ago I received info on the Art House Coop…. …it’s a great coop with many different projects in which to participate….I just finish work for The Canvas Project 3. Art House sent folks 3 words and 3 – 4X4 canvases…you make art that is your interpretation of the words…my words were oriental, triplets and stunted…I know I don’t have to tell you which canvas is what word… Art House has an art opening with the work of the over 400 people who participated…then they make an encyclopedia out of the art work…such a cool idea…wish I didn’t have an art show December would be a blast to go to Brooklyn for the opening…
wishing you all good things!!!

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