My Journey

My Journey

Some of my first and fondest memories were designing clothes with my nana at age four. Drawing my poodle was a passion. Growing up mom and I took many crafty classes together. My hands were always busy. When I started college I was going to be an art major. In my first art class the teacher told the class to draw an egg. I raised my hand and told him I wasn’t inspired to draw an egg. He assured me I was in the wrong class. It was that day my creative spirit was squelched and my major changed to sociology.

It took a spiritual quest to regain my desire, inspiration and confidence to make art and to get in touch with my creative spirit…months camping in Shenandoah National Park, mime school in Boulder, Colorado and zig zagging across America in a Volkswagen camper. My journey took me from living in Florida most of my life to landing in Orinda, California where I was led to attend John F. Kennedy University. Majoring in the field of Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and studying Jungian dream work and ancient visual symbols began to re-awaken the artist and wild woman within. Photography was also food for my soul.

Love took me from California to Maui, Hawaii, where I began my art business over three decades ago, selling hand-painted clothing and designing jewelry. In addition to traveling the art show circuit for over twenty years, I co-founded four art galleries all named Wild Women Gallery. Tallahassee, Florida, became my home for over two decades where I managed a thriving artist community call Railroad Square Art Park. For fifteen years I was honored to wear the hat of Florida’s Disaster Mental Health Coordinator and shaped programs helping disaster survivors get back to the lives they lived pre-disaster.

A southern migration has taken me back to my childhood home on Florida’s west coast. The gulf breezes, big water and endless sky fuel the youth of my wisdom years. I’m birthing my book, Crafting Your Creative Life, and teaching people how to remove the obstacles of obsessive thoughts blocking the light of creative flow. My mission is to provide the information and practices to keep our minds fertile so we can grow in happiness, mindfulness and love.

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