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7 Mindfulness Shifts to Gain Distance from Negative Thoughts

We have a limited number of heartbeats, so let’s be intentional about how we spend our life energy

Do you ever feel like you use too much energy worrying about things that never happen, trying to change things that you can’t change, and chasing shining distractions, all which leave you feeling drained, anxious, and creatively unfulfilled?

Do days turn into weeks and weeks into years, and you realize you’re not doing the things that make your heart sing…and you might have even lost sight of what that is. You feel depleted and distracted a lot of the time. Goals are made, then broken. You are not alone.

My Journey

I began a search to find my creative, soulful self. As a young woman, I was acutely aware that my former spontaneous free spirit had become barely recognizable in a cloak of perfectionism, eating obsessions, and harsh self-loathing.

As I tried to figure out what external circumstances I could change to feel happy and fulfilled, I thought about getting a different job, moving, and finally losing that last 10 pounds. But I realized no external changes would bring me joy.

When at my darkest hour, I had a spiritual experience that reconnected me with a sacred, vast, familiar place I had visited in my youth. It happened when, in an MG Midget, I accidentally drove off a 20-foot, half-built interstate road.

This near-death experience began my spiritual quest to answer these big life questions, “Who am I?” “What happens after death?” and “What is my life’s purpose?”

While pursuing happiness and the answers to these questions, I was led to practice meditation, to glean wisdom from a spiritual teacher, ditch bad habits and get curious about why I felt so hollow.

Still, fear of forward movement gripped me tightly. But, with baby steps, tuning into a quiet voice inside and a heap of tenacity, I began moving in the direction of love and trust despite my fears.

Hearing the quiet voice of my spiritual teacher within me made it clear I needed to move. With little money and no planned destination, my journey took me from living most of my life in Florida to landing in Orinda, California, to graduate study in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at John F. Kennedy University.

Dreamwork and ancient visual symbols tapped me into my subconscious beliefs. This is what liberated me from the distorted thinking that constrained my life, freeing me to become an artist. My ‘outer’ life continued to be fueled by my ‘inner’ life, as I later became a mother, art gallery owner, Florida’s Disaster Mental Health Coordinator, and life coach.

As a coach and mind liberator, I am passionate about teaching how to live in the present moment, alleviating many of suffering’s pitfalls. I love to illuminate the obstacles that trip us up, so we can navigate them instead of being entangled in them.

Roadmap to Ease

Release What Weighs You Down

Embrace What Lights You Up

A teaching memoir, written to illuminate your journey toward awakening, that leads to less suffering and more peace and happiness. Filled with simple mindfulness shifts and daily practices, Roadmap to Ease will nourish your rich, inner life.

e’Layne’s teachings are so on point for me. My energy is going from hyper and scattered to still.

I’m getting back to myself.

– Angie Gregory

e’Layne’s work provides me tools to help dis-identifying from erroneous, limiting beliefs. Then I can choose thoughts that bring me peace and lead me to my highest potential.

– Donna Harmony-Jones

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7 Mindfulness Shifts to Gain Distance from Negative Thoughts

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